China Warns citizens against traveling to the U.S citing safety concerns

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China has warned her citizens against traveling to the U.S., citing safety concerns. The warning comes amid trade war tensions between the two nations.

A statement issued by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Tuesday June 4, stated that “shootings, robberies and thefts have occurred frequently in the United States.”

The department urged travelers “to fully assess the risk of travel to the United States, keep abreast of information on public security, laws and regulations, and improve their awareness of safety and security.”

According to the South China Morning Post, China’s foreign ministry and its embassy in the U.S. also issued a separate statement on the same day warning Chinese tourists to beware of efforts by American authorities to “harass” travelers with procedures like immigration checks and interviews.

According to them, the reminder is valid until December 31, 2019

According to The Associated Press, Chinese internet users have been complaining of visa and green card denials by the U.S under president Trump administration.

In general, the U.S. government has attempted to cut back on the number of foreign visitors not only China, defending the move on economic and security grounds.


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