Man faces prison for allegedly killing new wife through marathon sex days after marriage

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A man from Germany is currently facing manslaughter charges for allegedly killing his new wife through marathon BDSM sex on their honeymoon.

Ralph Jankus, 52, appeared before court in Krefeld, Germany on Wednesday for the death of his 49-year-old wife, Christel, barely days after they wedded.

According to Daily Mail, the couple engaged in a fatal 48-hour romp in July 2018 involving bondage and other sadomasochism techniques, prosecutors said.

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During the 48-hour romp, the new wife Christel suffered severe internal injuries after a sharp object was allegedly inserted into her.

Emergency services were called four days later, but they were unable to save her.

Jankus is being prosecuted for failing to call for help, allegedly leaving Christel injured for four days. But Ralph claims he was not aware his wife was seriously ill and said the sex acts were consensual.

He took to Facebook after his wife’s death to inform friends and family and to pay tribute to his late wife.

“I want to thank you all for the goodwill messages received on our wedding day,” he wrote. “Unfortunately I have to tell you that my dear wife suddenly died just eight days after our wedding. All the happiness I have experienced was in the years with my wonderful wife.”

Christel who started dating Jankus in 2011 had allegedly reported abuse at the hands of her partner before they got married, in 2017, but later withdrew the allegation. She had also spent some time in a psychiatric clinic according to report.

Christel’s son claims that her mother fled to a women’s shelter in 2018, before coming back happier and marrying her partner in July of 2018.

He said: ‘She had injuries over her whole body and in her genital region.’

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The son said: ‘I made accusations to her that she was putting up with too much and that it should never have gone this far.’

He added he had seen bruises which his mother had shown him and she allegedly told her son that she never wanted to see her partner again and never wanted to be hurt by him.

He claims that Jankus ‘abused, mistreated and humiliated’ his mother, but added: ‘I do think she loved him though.’

Jankus faces prison time if convicted, German outlet Antenae 1 reported.

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