Second woman emerges, accusing actor Cuba Gooding Jr. of groping her

Photo: Fox News
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In less than one week after a woman accused him of groping her at a night club in New York, a second woman just emerged today accusing the actor of groping her more than 10 years ago. It is not clear why the woman waited for more than a decade to make the accusation if it is true.

“I trust the system,” Cuba told TMZ. Photo: TMZ

According to New York Post, the woman came forward after reading allegations which went viral earlier this week that the Oscar winner grabbed a 30-year-old woman’s breast in a Manhattan club.

If found guilty of forcible touching, he may face a misdemeanor charge with a two-year statute of limitations. But this means that he can not be prosecuted for today’s alleged incident that happened more than 10 years ago.

Gooding, who starred as OJ Simpson in “The People v. OJ Simpson” TV series was prepared to turn himself in to police on Thursday for the case that went viral this week, but his attorney said he is reconsidering after video emerged that allegedly shows he did nothing wrong.

Gooding’s attorney Mark Heller told TMZ that video from Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge shows “absolutely no criminality taking place on the part of my client.”

While responding to NYPost question about the more recent accusation that allegedly happened more than 10 years ago, Gooding’s attorney Mark Heller said;

“No one has brought any of that to my attention.”

“Good luck to her,” the attorney said sarcastically.

Meanwhile, Cuba Gooding Jr. has maintained his innocence saying he is “absolutely not” guilty. The award winning actor told TMZ: “I trust the system.”


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Second woman emerges, accusing actor Cuba Gooding Jr. of groping her

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