Venezuela’s President Maduro said his security forces foiled plot to overthrow his govt and assassinate him

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President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela on Wednesday June 26 said that his security forces thwarted an opposition coup attempt to overthrow his government. Maduro said the plan of the coup plotters was to assassinate him and other top political figures and install former military officer, General Raul Baduel as president.

General Raul Baduel is currently in detention at the maximum security prison in Fuerte Tiun, following allegations from the Venezuelan government in 2017 that he was plotting to overthrow the government.

“We have revealed, dismantled and captured a fascist band of terrorists that planned a coup against Venezuelan society and Venezuelan democracy,” said Maduro in an evening broadcast on Wednesday.

“They are captured, behind bars, with clear evidence after following this group of criminals and fascists.”

According to Maduro, the plan involved an attack on the headquarters of the Sebin intelligence agency to release General Raul Baduel, a former defense minister who was arrested on corruption accusations in 2009 after falling out with the Socialist Party.

Maduro said the plan involved Guaido as well as political leaders from Chile, Colombia and the United States.

But Guaido and Maduro’s critics dismissed the accusations as lies. They accuse the president of fabricating plots for cheap political gains based on coerced testimony of arrested suspects.

Venezuela’s Communications Minister, Jorge Rodriguez, said the plan involved active and retired army officers and the coup was to have been executed between the past Sunday and Monday.

“We were in all the meetings to plan the coup d’Etat. We were in all the conferences,” Rodriguez said, insinuating that government secret agents had infiltrated the alleged plotters during planning meetings.

Venezuela’s catastrophic economic collapse under President Nicolas Maduro has unleashed so much suffering on her citizens, resulting to the biggest migratory crisis in recent Latin American history.

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