VIDEO: Army veteran reunites with French woman he fell in love with 75 years ago during world war II

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75 years after losing contact, D-Day veteran has been reunited with the French woman he fell in love with in 1944 while he was in in Briey, eastern France during the world war II. The Army veteran was 24 then and she was 18.

Two months after they met, KT Robbins had to leave Jeannine Ganaye behind when he was called to serve at the eastern front. But he kept her picture hoping to see her again someday.

TODAY Show, reported that Robbins returned to the U.S. after the war, then got married believing he would never see his Jeannine again. Jeannine also moved on with her own life, but hoping that one day, she will see her boyfriend again.

June 6 is a day that KT Robbins will not forget in a hurry, as it marks the anniversary of the D-Day invasion on the beaches of Normandy. He remembers very well the time leading up to the invasion.

According to BBC , Robbins showed the black-and-white photo of Jeannine to a French journalist while they were filming a segment on U.S. veterans. They managed to track her down before he went to Normandy for the 75th anniversary of D-Day. The two were reunited in France!

“I always loved you,” Robbins now 97 told the 92-year-old as the pair embraced. “You never got out of my heart.”

Jeannine Pierson still lives just outside of the village where she and Robbins met.

About the D-Day

The battle of Normandy which lasted two months in the summer of 1944 is so important to World War II history because it marked the moment when situation changed in favor of the Allies, which included the U.S. The battle helped liberate western Europe from the control of the Nazis led by Adolf Hitler. Germany had occupied the area since 1940.

Romance During World War II

From history, whenever wars happen, romance also blooms — whether between a soldier and his hometown sweetheart, or with strange couples who meet while one is stationed with the military. This is what happened in Robbins’ case.


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