VIDEO: Nigerian man beats up girlfriend after she said NO to his marriage proposal in public

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The video below which has since gone viral shows the moment a Nigerian man gave his girlfriend the beating of her life after she said NO to his public marriage proposal.

The man in the video was identified as Alaoma Joseph but the  woman’s identity is yet to be known. The incident reportedly happened at the University of Benin hostel car park.

In the video, the woman was heard saying ‘I can’t accept your proposal’ as she turned him down. ‘How can you tell me no; No for what?’, the deeply embarrassed man who became extremely angry said.

The man’s action attracted several comments from Nigerian social media users, most of whom condemn his actions.

His action shows clearly why the lady turned down the proposal, one Instagram user said

Another person said: ‘The guy needs to respect the lady.’ The user added: ‘The way he was screaming in the video shows how forceful he is in the relationship.’

What do y’all say about this? Watch the video below

See other comments from Social media users.



After receiving a lot of backlash from internet users including Nigerian celebrities who call him “a woman beater”, the man in the video, Alaoma Joseph, made a public statement the next day stating that the video was just a prank and he is not and can never be a “woman beater.”

Joseph said:

“I am not a woman beater, the video was just a publicity stunt for the English and Literature Students Association stage play.”


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