Woman gives birth inside a busy passenger train

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A woman gave birth to a baby girl on a busy passenger train travelling from Galway to Dublin on Tuesday evening.

According to Irish Independent, the woman reportedly went into labor on the 3:05pm train service from Galway to Heuston Station, prompting the attention of fellow passengers, including off-duty doctor Alan Devine, a nurse and ambulance crew who quickly came to help her.

Dr Alan Devine, who is from Donegal, was on his way to a conference when the train came to a halt in Co Kildare.

Narrating how it happened, Dr Devine told Irish Independent:

“I was watching the TV show Chernobyl on my phone so I wasn’t paying attention but when the train had stopped for a while I took the earphone out and asked the woman next to me what the delay was,” he said.

When the off-duty medical doctor noticed what was happening, he rushed assist the woman. But she already had some help from three women – an American nurse, an Irish nurse in her 20s and another woman who rang the ambulance.

“The three ladies did extremely well and they helped the lady with the breathing and encouraged her a lot,” Doctor Devine said.

“I asked the catering lady on the train for a pair of gloves and that was all we had, I wasn’t on call so I didn’t have any of my stuff with me,” he said.

“It was a key moment when the baby came out, it took a couple of seconds but she finally let out a big cry and so we knew everything was okay,” he said.

The ambulance crew arrived almost immediately after the delivery, and the baby was wrapped in the American tourist’s blanket.

“It was very unexpected, it’s not the norm for me at all as I’m just as a GP,” Dr Devine said.

“We all helped each other.

“It was really respectful and nobody was knocking on doors or complaining that it was taking too long, and we were there a while.”

The mother and baby were then taken to Coombe Hospital.

“When we were saying our goodbyes, I jokingly said, ‘Alannah is a lovely name’,  but we’ll see what she’s actually named,” Dr Devine said.

“The important thing is, mother and baby are both well.”

The train stopped at Kildare Station at around 5pm and emergency services were notified.

A part of the carriage was sectioned off to ensure privacy for the woman and she gave birth in the area in between carriages.

Glass doors were locked by staff and Irish Rail employees held up a blanket to protect her privacy.

Ambulance services later arrived and helped to deliver the baby on board.

The train remained at Kildare Station for 80 minutes and ambulance crew then took the newborn and her mum to hospital.


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