Woman uses Twitter to look for 34-year-old brother she never met, finds him just 30 minutes away

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A South African woman, Sanelisiwe Sani Xaba, took to Twitter for help to find her brother she never met. And the outcome was amazing! Thanks to a few thousand retweets.

Poet Sanelisiwe Sani Xaba from Johannesburg, South Africa posted a tweet with details about her long-lost brother, including his name, where he was born, and their mother’s name.

She added: “I am your sister. Please retweet and help me find my brother. I need him.”

Thankfully, her Twitter follower who recognized the name got in touch with Sanelisiwe and helped reconnect her with her brother who was taken away from their mother by his dad before Sanelisiwe was born.

Speaking to Metro UK, Sanelisiwe, 27, said: “I feel numb”

“I tweeted around 5pm. I woke up the next morning and boom! Someone knew him. It’s someone who grew up with him. I didn’t think it would be that quick”.

“I met my brother, who is 34, the very same day.”

She added: “I keep asking my boyfriend if it really happened. It only hit me the next morning and I just started crying in the bathroom. I was emotional the whole day. I’m at peace now. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

Sanelisiwe, who moved to Johannesburg to aid her mission to find him, adds that the two had been living just 30 minutes from each other.

The lost but found brother, who wants to stay away from all the attention right now, was taken away by his father before Sanelisiwe was born.

But their shared mother told Sanelisiwe stories about her older sibling, leading her to always imagine what he’d be like.

‘I felt incomplete without him,’ says Sanelisiwe. ‘I wanted to know if he was okay and wanted him to know that we love him.

‘I just needed a brother that is different from my other brother Siyanda. I always wondered what he looked like.

‘It’s the curiosity that made me search for him. I just needed him. And needed to know that he’s alive and warm during the winter and happy on his birthday, and in summer.’

Sanelisiwe further said: “The first time I saw him was scary, I remember we stood staring at each other for a few seconds which felt like an hour. I thought ‘Oh my god, you look like Siyanda (her other brother)’ and I said it out loud. We hugged and I cried. We sat across each other just amazed. I offered him water and my boyfriend offered him a beer and a joint. We sat and talked and exchanged pictures. It was an amazing feeling. The entire time I sat studying his face”.

“We hugged again for a good 15 minutes.”

Sanelisiwe then told her mother about finding her brother. Her mom thanked her for bringing the family together. The family is now enjoying getting to know one another.

The family is overwhelmed with all the online support and so thankful to Twitter.

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