AT&T to start blocking robocalls automatically very soon

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AT&T will soon implement FCC rules that allows carriers to block robocalls by default, the company announced Tuesday.

Last month, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruled that carriers could block robocalls for their customers by default — without requiring the customers to opt in first.

Per FCC rules, AT&T will enable its Call Protect service by default for new customers going forward while existing customers will have it enabled “in the coming months.”

When enabled, fraudulent calls will be blocked automatically, and suspected spam call alerts will be issued. The service will come at no extra cost for now.

There will be an option by anyone who doesn’t want the company to screen calls this way to opt out.

If you like the capabilities, you can turn it on right now either by downloading the AT&T Call Protect app or enabling it through your myAT&T account settings.

This could be good news for AT&T customers who are fed up with robocalls and fraudulent calls. But there is reason to be cautious about such an upgrade

Although AT&T isn’t charging extra amount, the FCC rules don’t prevent it or others from using the auto-blocking as an opportunity to raise subscription rates.

It may take some time to fully know the benefits and pitfalls of what seems like a promising upgrade now.

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