Here is Jeffrey Epstein’s net worth according to court papers

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The true net worth of American investor, Jeffrey Epstein has long been unclear.

In 2008 when Epstein pleaded guilty in Florida to soliciting prostitution, several sources said he was a billionaire with a net worth of over one billion dollars. But a number of other sources have long questioned the extent of his wealth and his status as a billionaire.

To put the matter to rest, figures emerged on Monday July 15 from his lawyers. According to the financial-disclosure form that his lawyers filed in seeking bail for him, Epstein is hardly a billionaire.

The single-page document which had been kept away from the public until the Manhattan federal judge overseeing Epstein’s sex-trafficking case released it on Monday, shows that Epstein has the following:

Cash: $56,547,773

Fixed income: $14,304,679

Equities: $112,679,138

Hedge funds and private equity: $194,986,301

Properties including: 9 E. 71 st St., Manhattan, worth $55,931,000;

49 Zorro Ranch Road, Stanley, NM, $ 17,246,208;

358 El Brillo Way, Palm Beach, Fla., $ 12,380,209;

22 Avenue Foch, Paris, France, $8,672,823;

Great St. James Island in the Virgin Islands, $22,498,600, and Little St. James Island, also there, $63,874,223.

The total asset is $559,120,954.

Jeffrey Epstein, 66, who is currently facing Federal sex-trafficking charges, was arrested on July 6, 2019 at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. According to multiple sources, about a dozen FBI agents broke down the door to his Manhattan townhouse, the Herbert N. Straus House, with search warrants on the day of his arrest.

Epstein is currently being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, a federal detention center in lower Manhattan.

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