Indian politician offers $1250 cash reward for anyone who kills a rapist in India’s Bihar

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A prominent Indian politician, Rajesh Ranjan has promised a cash reward of $1,250 to anyone who shoots a rapist dead in India.

The announcement comes amid increasing rate of sexual assault and rape in India, especially in state of Bihar.

Ranjan, also called Pappu Yadav, offered Rs100,000 in cash after an official report revealed that more than 7,300 incidents of rape have occurred in the past 6 years in Bihar – a state in East India, bordering Nepal.

Yadav pictured with his wife Ranjita Ranjan in 2008.

Yadav, who founded the Jan Adhikar Party in 2015, made the pledge shortly after meeting two sisters who were gang-raped last week by seven boys in Bihar’s northern Sitamarhi district.

The sisters were reportedly waiting for their mother at a place near their home when the boys abducted them and took them to an isolated place in the district.

The boys then filmed themselves raping the girls and later posted the videos online.

‘I will give Rs100,000 for killing one rapist. If a person kills two rapists, he will be given Rs200,000 and so on,’ Yadav said on Wednesday, according to Gulf News. 

‘Rape fills poison in the life of victims who are left to die a slow death every day.

‘While no-one would want to marry such girls, even if their weddings had been finalized, maximum chances are that [the marriage] would get broken once the husbands get aware of these incidents,’ he said.

Yadav, a former parliamentarian demanded that rape cases be given priority in courts and that any one found guilty be given a death sentence within three months of conviction.

He blamed successive national Indian governments for failing to protect women


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