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Jeffrey Epstein’s Death: See what autopsy discovered         

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An autopsy discovered that convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein suffered a number of breaks in his neck bones, Washington Post reported, quoting two folks accustomed to the findings.

Hyoid bone was among the many damaged bones in Epstein’s neck. This bone is close to the Adam’s apple in males.

According to forensics consultants and research on the topic, hyoid bone breaks can happen in those that cling themselves, significantly amongst older folks. But they’re extra frequent in victims of murder by strangulation, medical consultants stated.

“It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities, with no evidence of foul play, that he hanged himself and got the hyoid fracture that way,” said NBC News medical correspondent Dr. John Torres. “That wouldn’t be uncommon.”

“It depends on what was used for the hanging — Was it a rope? A sheet? Something else? — and how was the knot tied and what kind of force applied?” Torres stated.

The president of the National Association of Medical Examiners, Jonathan L. Arden, stated a hyoid will be damaged in lots of circumstances however is extra generally related to homicidal strangulation than suicidal hanging.

“If, hypothetically, the hyoid bone is broken, that would generally raise questions about strangulation, but it is not definitive and does not exclude suicidal hanging,” Arden stated. Jonathan L. Arden was not concerned within the Epstein’s autopsy.

Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel stated it is “more likely” Jeffrey Epstein’s loss of life was a murder relatively than a suicide.

“The hyoid bone in the neck being fractured and other fractures in the neck, make it more likely, and again, this is a percentage call, more likely that it was a homicide than a suicide,” Siegel said.

Multiple breaks in Epstein’s neck bones, are the primary findings to emerge from the autopsy, deepening questions round his loss of life.

The hyoid bone is a horseshoe-shaped bone between the chin and the thyroid cartilage.Sebastian Kaulitzki / Getty Images/Science Photo Library

Jeffrey Edward Epstein, 66, was discovered unresponsive in his cell within the Special Housing Unit of the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) New York at about 6:30 a.m on Saturday, August 10, 2019. He was transported to the hospital however was pronounced lifeless on the hospital. In an official assertion on Saturday, the Federal Bureau of Prisons described his loss of life as an “apparent suicide.”

Autopsy of Epstein’s physique was accomplished the next day – Sunday August 11, by the workplace of New York City’s chief health worker, Barbara Sampson. They listed the reason for Epstein’s loss of life as pending.

When requested in regards to the neck accidents, the chief health worker, Barbara Sampson, stated that no single consider an autopsy can alone present a conclusive reply about what occurred.

“In all forensic investigations, all information must be synthesized to determine the cause and manner of death. Everything must be consistent; no single finding can be evaluated in a vacuum,” Sampson stated.

In an unique report earlier printed by The Post, Jeffrey Epstein instructed his legal professionals earlier than his loss of life that the neck accidents he suffered had been inflicted by his hulking, ex-cop cellmate. This led the legal professionals to request that he be taken off a suicide watch. The similar report stated that Jeffrey Epstein was assured of victory within the little one intercourse trafficking fees in opposition to him and was in “great spirits.”

The autopsy discovering about Epstein’s neck accidents follows earlier experiences that officers on the Metropolitan Correctional Center broke protocol and did not correctly monitor him.

Corrections officers had not checked on Epstein for “several” hours earlier than he was discovered hanging in his cell – one among a collection of missteps within the hours main as much as his loss of life, Washington Post reported.

The above particulars have elevated the variety of questions and conspiracy theories about how such a excessive profile individual in federal custody might have hanged himself.

Here are Jeffrey Epstein’s last words to his lawyer hours before he died

Some research performed over the previous decade have produced conflicting outcomes in regards to the probability of a hyoid break in a suicide.

In a research of 20 suicidal hangings in Thailand, printed in 2010, one-fourth of the boys who hanged themselves had damaged hyoids.

In a bigger research of suicidal hangings of younger adults and middle-aged folks in India, performed from 2010 to 2013, hyoid harm was present in simply 16 of 264 instances, or 6 %. The research addressed the discrepancies in tutorial evaluations, saying broad variations in findings of hyoid breaks are “possibly due to factors like age of the victim, weight of the victim, type of suspension and height of suspension.”

In 2008, Ronnie L. White, a young person accused of killing a police officer, died of an obvious suicide in a suburban Washington jail cell. But two days later, the reason for loss of life was modified to murder when a Maryland state health worker found the teenager had a damaged hyoid. Read extra on the Washington Post here



On Friday August 16, 2019, the New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner that carried out autopsy on Epstein’s physique concluded that Jeffrey Epstein dedicated suicide by hanging.

According to The New York Times, three of Mr. Epstein’s legal professionals, Martin G. Weinberg, Reid Weingarten and Michael Miller, have challenged the findings and vowed to conduct their very own investigation.

“We are not satisfied with the conclusions of the medical examiner,” stated the legal professionals, who had employed a personal pathologist to look at the autopsy, in a press release. “We will have a more complete response in the coming days.”
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