R.Kelly reportedly accepting donations to hire Michael Jackson’s lawyer for his alleged sex crimes

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Anonymous entertainment industry players are reportedly making some donations to help embattled singer, R.Kelly, hire the attorney who successfully defended Michael Jackson against child molestation accusations.

Kelly, who was nominated for Grammy Award in 1996 for writing Michael Jackson’s song “You Are Not Alone”, is desperate to retain the high-powered Tom Mesereau to defend him in his sex crimes cases, TMZ reported.

In 2005, Mesereau famously won an acquittal for Jackson, the same year he got actor Robert Blake acquitted of murdering his wife.

According to TMZ, discussions between Kelly and the attorney have already started. Mesereau recently met with R. Kelly in a Chicago jail where he is currently locked up, to discuss the case.

To officially hire Mesereau, Kelly first needs to fire his current lead lawyer, Steven Greenberg, Page Six reported.

But Greenberg denies Kelly’s legal team is already discussing with Mesereau, calling the rumor “a complete load of crap.”

But TMZ reported that donors, including fans and Kelly’s industry contacts, have reached out to his legal team to help with Mesereau’s fees.

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