Robbers steal $2.5 million in gold coins from Mexico’s mint in broad day light

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Mexico’s security ministry said on Tuesday that a group of armed robbers broke into the nation’s mint, stealing gold coins equivalent to 50 million Mexican pesos (€2.23 million, $2.5 million).

The vault was reportedly left open, making it easier for the robbers. The incident happened at one of the Mexican capital’s most prestigious avenues, Avenida Reforma.

Two people, one with a firearm, broke into the mint after throwing a security guard to the ground and taking his gun, according to Mexico City police report.

One of the robbers then went to an open vault and filled a backpack with 1,567 gold coins. The robbers then carried the gold centennials directly from the scene.

This is the latest in crime wave that has struck Mexico City in recent months as the security situation deteriorates across the country.

Mexico City Police say they are currently studying security camera footage provided by the mint, which shows the suspects in action.

Initial investigations revealed that security protocols were not followed. The guard and two other employees who were at work when the robbery happened were questioned, according to a statement from Mexico City’s Secretariat of Public Security.

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