Waiter shot dead by customer for allegedly being ‘too slow to serve sandwich’

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A waiter in the eastern Paris suburb of Noisy-le-Grand was shot dead Friday night by a customer who felt the waiter was too slow to serve him sandwich, AFP reported.

The waiter’s colleagues reportedly called police after he was shot in the shoulder with a handgun.

Efforts to revive the 28-year-old waiter shot in the shoulder was unsuccessful and he reportedly died at the pizza and sandwich restaurant.

The gunman, who a witness said lost his temper “as his sandwich wasn’t prepared quickly enough”, fled the scene.

Police told AFP a murder investigation has been opened.

shocked residents gathered outside the pizza and sandwich eatery Saturday morning.

“He was killed for a sandwich?” one asked, unbelievingly.

It is sad,” said a 29-year-old woman. “It’s a quiet restaurant, without any problems. It just opened a few months ago.”

But others noted high crime levels in the area, notably drug-dealing and public drunkenness.


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