Burglar breaks into Florida home 4.am to make breakfast, tells homeowner ‘Go back to sleep’

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Police in Florida said a burglar broke into a Florida home, prepared breakfast for himself and told the resident there to “go back to sleep.”

According to the report, the resident told investigators he woke up sometime after 4.am on Tuesday and saw a man cooking and eating.

The burglar took off when the resident called 911, Fox 13 reported. Investigators from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office tracked down the suspect in a wooded and swampy area behind the home.

Pinellas County investigators said Gavin Crim, a 19-year-old Marine, broke into a Safety Harbor home in the 2400 block of Huntington Boulevard through an unlocked rear door. He was arrested on a burglary charge.

Police said he admitted to breaking into the home during an interview.

Crim was probably under the influence of alcohol, according to arrest report.


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