Former British Prime Minister David Cameron apologizes for contributing to Brexit crisis

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Former British Prime Minister David Cameron said in an interview on Saturday that he regretted his role in leading his country toward the current Brexit crisis, the Associated Press reported.

“I deeply regret the outcome and accept that my approach failed,” Cameron said. “The decisions I took contributed to that failure. I failed.”

The former prime minister added that he thinks about the consequences of the Brexit referendum “every single day” and worries “desperately” about what will happen next.

They “left the truth at home,” he said of former allies, including the nation’s current leader Boris Johnson.

Cameron, who served as prime minister from 2010 to 2016, was under pressure from hard liners in his party during his time. He had supported remaining in the EU  but set in motion the national referendum on whether Great Britain should leave the European Union.

Cameron, 52, resigned the morning after the country voted in favor of Brexit in June 2016. He had been out of electoral politics and largely out of the public eye since then.

Theresa May resigns as UK Prime Minister and the leader of the conservative party

His successor, Theresa May wrestled with all the Brexit issues and failed to deliver. She resigned, bringing fellow Conservative Boris Johnson to power in July.


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