Graphic: Man survives after accidentally shooting himself through head with a speargun

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A South African man miraculously survived without major injuries after he accidentally shot himself through the head with a speargun, Fox News reported.

Connie Hallowell who had been spearfishing the past 10 years was spearfishing off Scottburgh, a coastal town located outside of Durban, South Africa on August 30 when the accident happened.

According to reports, Hallowell said he accidentally shot himself after a wave crashed on him and smashed the loaded speargun against a reef, shooting the nearly 5-foot-long spear through his face.

Photos show the arrow went into his cheek and out in front of his opposite ear.

A fisherman who was passing by heard Hallowell calling for help in the water and quickly helped him. He was later airlifted to a trauma hospital.

“(The doctors) confirmed this is a miracle that it missed every vital organ and left me with slight numbness, which they expect will return back to normal within the next few weeks,” Hallowell said.

Hallowell suffered from an orbital fracture, but surprisingly received no other serious injuries, according to the report.

“I was discharged 48 hours after arriving at the hospital as the surgeon saw no further reason to keep me,” he explained.

Hallowell is said to be a pastor at a church in Umkomaas, South Africa.


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