Migrant crossings at US-Mexico border down by 56%, Mexico announces

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Mexico said on Friday there has been a 56 percent decrease in undocumented migration to the U.S. border.

The statement comes after warnings from President Trump in May that the U.S would impose import tariffs on Mexico if they do not work hard to contain the flow of migrants crossing over to the United States from Mexico and poor countries in Central America.

‘I do not think there will be a threat of tariffs because there is a 56 percent reduction,’ said Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard.

A proposal by the U.S for Mexico to take immigrants and asylum seekers was also out of the question, Ebrard added.

“The Mexican strategy is working. We will not agree to be a safe third country … because it goes against our interests,” the minister said. “It is unfair to our country”, he added.

Salvadoran migrant father, daughter wash up dead in border-crossing tragedy into the U.S

Ebrard is expected to travel to the United States in three months, according to Daily Mail, and the flow of illegal migrants from  Mexico and neighboring countries to the United States will likely be discussed. President Trump has long made hard-line immigration crackdowns a signature issue.


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