Nicki Minaj says she’s retiring from music to ‘have my family’

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Nicki Minaj surprised fans around the world with a highly unexpected twitter message on Thursday September 5.

“I’ve decided to retire and have my family,” she tweeted to 20 million followers. “To my fans, keep reppin’ me, do it til da death of me…”

Shortly after the announcement, millions of her fans reacted with shock and dismay, hoping it was all jokes.

Many wondered if the Anaconda singer who is the biggest female rapper in history is really retiring at 36 after a little more than 10 years in the business? Or could it be the same story that happened in 2003 when JAY-Z announced his retirement which never happened? Lil Wayne also announced retirement in 2016, but it didn’t happen. And Lil Uzi Vert just returned from his retirement announcement in January this year by releasing “Free Uzi.”

Eagle eyes quickly noticed lack of public messages of support for Nicki from other high-profile rappers about her retirement as of Thursday evening.

Nicki Minaj’s announcement comes a little over two months after she revealed on her new Queen Radio show on Apple Beats 1 that she and her ex-convict boyfriend Kenneth Petty just got a marriage license. Few weeks ago, she changed her Twitter name to Mrs. Petty, the surname of her fiancé Kenneth Petty.

Is Nicki really retiring for family? If her retirement announcement is real, then she is retiring in a way no one would have ever imagined just a few years ago.


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