Pennsylvania man blows up own house on daughter’s wedding day, killing himself

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A Pennsylvania man blew up his suburban Pittsburgh home on the day of his daughter’s wedding in what authorities said was suicide.

Neighbors said they spotted the homeowner standing in front of his house in Edgewood shortly before an explosion that ignited a fire and eventually destroyed the house.

Authorities said the homeowner’s body was found amid the rubble at 318 Garland St. late Saturday night. His identity has not been released.

“The whole house was on fire,” neighbor Rochelle Levine told WTAE. “The whole house was one big flame. It just exploded within a couple minutes.”

“The house just collapsed in one large movement with a lot of sound to it,” neighbor Dann Laudermilch, 35, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “By that time it was fully in flames. It went up in flames remarkably fast. I thought it would take longer to burn, but it was like a minute and a half — it was crazy.”

Authorities said suicide notes were found in the homeowner’s vehicle.

The homeowner’s neighbor, Nicole Antolovich, told  WTAE that the explosion happened on the wedding day of the man’s daughter.

“I’ve known them my whole life,” Antolovich told the news station. “Their daughter was getting married today and they were supposed to be at a wedding.”

Police Chief Robert Payne said the department is investigating the explosion as a suspicious incident.

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“It looks like he disconnected the gas line in the basement of the house and of course, it wouldn’t take much of a spark to explode the house,” Payne told the news outlet.


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