Dramatic video shows the moment Highway patrol officer rescues driver from oncoming train

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Utah Highway patrol officer Ruben Correa is being hailed a hero of the day for rescuing a man who crashed onto train tracks north of Salt Lake City, Utah. The incident happened around 6:50 a.m. Wednesday on a section of track between Pages and Parrish Ln. in Centerville, Utah.

The driver is said to have some type of medical condition that resulted in getting his SUV stuck on train tracks.

“I observed there was a driver still in the vehicle unconscious. I saw he was unconscious, so I opened his door explain to him that we had to get out. He wasn`t responding and I heard the horn from the train. I looked to my left and observed that that train was coming pretty fast,” Correa told FOX 13.

The Highway Patrol officer said he was just doing his job, and his main concern was getting the SUV driver back to his family.

Because of Correa’s quick and heroic actions, both men are safe and able to return to their families Wednesday.

Watch the video below


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