Prince Harry sues two British tabloids for allegedly hacking his phone and stealing voice messages.

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The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry is suing two British tabloid newspapers  – Daily Mirror and The Sun, for allegedly hacking his phone and stealing voice messages, Fox News reported.

Buckingham Palace confirmed to The Associated Press that the claims were filed in the High Court of Justice on Prince Harry’s behalf and involve “illegal interception of voicemail messages.”

The lawsuit comes barely four days after Prince Harry’s American wife, Meghan Markle filed a claim against another British Newspaper The Mail and its parent company Associated Newspapers, alleging “the intrusive and unlawful publication of a private letter” written by the Duchess of Sussex. The Guardian reported that the letter was penned by Markle to her estranged father.

The Sun is owned by News Group Newspapers, a subsidiary of News Group — which is a sister company of Fox Corporation, which owns Fox News Group. The newspaper acknowledged Harry’s legal action. Reach plc, which owns the Daily Mirror, said it was “aware that proceedings have been issued” but hasn’t yet received notice of them.

Prince Harry had issued a statement on Tuesday condemning the “British tabloid press” for running a “ruthless campaign” against his wife “that has escalated over the past year.”

“Up to now, we have been unable to correct the continual misrepresentations — something that these select media outlets have been aware of and have therefore exploited on a daily and sometimes hourly basis,” Harry noted.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry pay tribute to late Princess Diana on Instagram

The prince also said his “deepest fear is history repeating itself.”

“I’ve seen what happens when someone I love is commoditized to the point that they are no longer treated or seen as a real person. I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces,” he said in a reference to his mother, Princess Diana, who died in a 1997 car crash while trying to elude paparazzi in Paris.


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