Texas woman tied up, robbed $6 million in valuables by armed home invaders

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A Texas woman was tied up and held at gunpoint during a terrifying home invasion by armed robbers in Houston’s Village, The Post reported.

The two masked thugs made off with more than $6 million in valuables that included high-end designer bags and rare Chinese tea, according to reports. The incident happened on Aug. 6, according to the report and police say the armed thieves remain on the lam.

Authorities said the crooks, wearing all black, first tackled the victim — a relative of the homeowners — inside the residence and bound her hands and feet before ransacking the home, KHOU-11 reported.

“They went through every crevice you could imagine in the place,” Hedwig Village Detective Terry Wu told reporters during a press conference.

The robbers swiped $400,000 in cash, 40 Hermès Birkin handbags, Hermès men’s and women’s shoes, roughly 40 bags of an aged tea called Pu-Erh, and a rare jade bracelet worth $6 million, police and the homeowners said.

Investigators believe it was a targeted attack.

“It’s possible they knew each other, or picked out these victims and followed them home,” Wu said.

Before the crooks ran off, they cut the victim’s feet loose with a small knife.

The victim, who doesn’t speak English, then ran to the home of a neighbor, who called the police.

“It was terrifying for her,” Wu said of the victim. “She’s still shaken up by it. She can’t sleep at night.”

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The victim’s family is offering a reward of up to $50,000 for anyone with information leading to the return of the pilfered items and the arrest of the suspects.

Neighbors said the break-in has left them on edge.

“It definitely is new,” neighbor Hank Clinch told ABC 30. “You don’t hear about too many things like this happening in this area. It’s definitely eye-opening.”


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