VIDEO: Tennessee mom charged for twirling baby, blowing smoke in her face on Facebook Live

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A woman from Tennessee was arrested on Sunday for twirling her baby in the air with one arm while blowing smoke in the baby’s face during a video that was livestreamed on Facebook. It is unclear what she was smoking.

Tybresha Sexton, 24, was charged with child abuse after police busted the mom at her Chattanooga home on Sunday when several people reported the shocking clip shown below to the authorities.

“[I] didn’t want that fu–in’ baby anyway,” Sexton allegedly told responding officers, according to her arrest affidavit obtained by WTVC.

Authorities said Sexton’s breath smelled like booze and that there were several liquor bottles lying around her apartment.

The shocking 43-second clip of the live stream, posted by another user, apparently shows Sexton lighting up with one hand and casually holding up her 1-month-old daughter with the other.

At one point, she can be seen shaking the girl, while viewers urge her to stop.

“She gone kill that baby,” one person wrote.

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Sexton was being held at the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office on $100,000 bond, The Post reported. In addition to the child abuse charge, she was slapped resisting arrest and disorderly conduct charges.

The child is now with Sexton’s mother, according to the arrest report.


There is update to this news. Read through this link

Charges dropped against Tennessee mom who blew smoke in her baby’s face


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