Actor Charles Levin’s dead body found naked, partially eaten by vultures

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Hollywood actor Charles Levin’s body was found naked without “external genitalia present” and partially eaten by vultures at the bottom of a slope in July, police report reveals.

On July 8, 2019, Charles Levin’s son reported to the police that Levin was missing, and he had not been heard from since June 28. The actor had reportedly called a friend that day to say he was lost near Cave Junction, Oregon.

On July 13, the remains of the 70-year-old actor were found in a remote part of Oregon, according to a police report obtained by The Daily Mail.

The actor moved to Grants Pass, Oregon, in 2004 and had a Hollywood career that included appearances in scores of films including Annie Hall and This is Spinal Tap. He also starred in TV series Alice from 1983 onwards and lit up a 1993 episode of Seinfeld (pictured) called The Bris playing a mohel – a person who performs circumcisions. Photo source: Dailymail

Levin’s car was also found in a remote area according to the report, and authorities found the remains of his fawn-colored pug, Boo Boo Bear, inside the car.

According to the report, his Fiat car was badly damaged with the passenger wing mirror ‘sheared off’ and it was trapped on a dirt pile and hemmed in by trees. Photo source: Dailymail

The badly decomposed body was found 30 feet down a steep slope of a remote mountain, leading authorities to believe he fell down a ravine while trying to get help, Pagesix reported.

His remains were eventually discovered on July 13 off a remote mountain road so rugged that locals told they considered it too dangerous to drive on, even in a truck. Photo source: Dailymail

The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety wrote in a gruesome report that Levin’s body was found naked and “there were no signs of external genitalia present.” His head was still attached to his body, according to the report, but there was “significant decay around the mouth” exposing his jaw.

“Signs of animal scavenging likely in the form of turkey vultures” led police to believe vultures had eaten some of his body.

Police say missing Texas man was eaten, bones and all, by his own dogs at home

Levin’s body was identified using dental records and the coroner declared the death “accidental.”

Levin was best known for the role of Elliot Novak on the series Alice having become a regular in the show’s 9th season and the recurring role of Eddie Gregg on Hill Street Blues from 1982 to 1986.


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