German couple booted from cruise ship for allegedly having loud sex

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A German couple has filed a lawsuit against a cruise ship company after they were booted from the ship. The couple claims they were kicked out of the ship for having loud sex.

According to German news outlet, Reise Reporter, Renate F. and her husband Volker left for their two-week Caribbean cruise with TUI Cruises on April 1, aboard the Mein Schiff 5. The couple said they made love in the cabin that night and subsequently got into a verbal argument with each other.

Renate said that the balcony door was open when they were making love. She admitted to being quite loud, the outlet reported. She said they did not damage anything in their room.

The couple said that the cruise ship manager suddenly visited them with security in tow, and informed them that the captain had decided to remove them from the ship. The couple said they were left in Barbados in the early hours of April 2, and told to find their own way back to Germany.

They are now reportedly suing the cruise ship company TUI for the cost of the cruise as well as flights, lodging and other expenses incurred while trying to organize transportation home from Barbados.

But the cruise company has offered a different version of the story

TUI Cruses did not confirm the company’s reason for removing the couple from the Mein Schiff 5 (seen above, in 2018), but said it “was done to protect both the guests’ safety and the safety of other travelers.”

According to Fox News, TUI Cruises said that the couple was removed for their safety and the safety of fellow passengers.

“Due to a security-related incident TUI Cruises made use of its domestic authority rights and asked the guests to leave the vessel,” The Cruise company said in a statement. “This was done to protect both the guests’ safety and the safety of other travelers. There has already been a correspondence with the guests in question in which we have set out our view of things”, they added.

The cruise line did not provide more detail about the incident and why the couple was booted from the ship. They said they will not provide details in order to “protect the personality rights of the guest.”

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TUI further said the cruise line reserves the right to remove any guest “in exceptional cases,” and at the company’s discretion.

“In case of such disembarkation, the cost for the return journey are to be borne by the guests as notified to the guests in advance within a personal meeting. Organizational help for arranging the return journey was offered to the guests concerned,” TUI added.


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