Texas bank mistakenly deposits $37 million into a woman’s account

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A Texas woman became a one-day millionaire on Tuesday when her bank mistakenly deposited a whopping $37 million dollars into her account.

Ruth Balloon, 35, checked her bank account and found the balance was $37,000,000

Dallas resident Ruth Balloon said she checked her bank account and saw additional $37 million dollars showing as her account balance.

Balloon, 35, had wanted to believe “someone really gifted us with that $37 million” but she knew it was too good to be true.

Her husband called their bank, LegacyTexas, which informed the couple the extra money wasn’t a Christmas bonus but a mistake. The bank apologized and withdrew the money.

She hoped someone had gifted her the money but checked with her bank who admitted to the error. Her husband, Brian, 39, pictured right, initially thought it was a scam. Photo source: Dailymail

The bank told the television in a statement that even if Balloon had not caught the error, it would have been spotted and corrected.

LegacyTexas bank said a teller typed the account number as the cash amount being deposited by mistake, resulting in a huge bank balance for the Balloons The bank said the manual entry error that resulted in the mistake has been addressed.



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