VIDEO: Ugandan pastor flogs his followers for missing Sunday church service

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Video below went viral on Africa’s internet space last weekend. According to multiple local media sources, the man seen in the video whipping some people is said to be a Ugandan pastor Paul Muwanguzi.

The supposed man of God is seen in the video canning both old and young members for allegedly missing his Church service on Sunday

The Church members are seen lying on the floor as the pastor whips them one by one for being disobedient.

Shockingly, Pastor Paul Muwanguzi is an ex-convict, Ghanacelebrities reported.

The pastor was sent to prison in 2013 for impersonating a Catholic Priest, according to the media outlet, citing Kenyan FM station.

After serving part of the term, he broke out of jail in 2014 to hide in Zimbabwe where he was later deported to Uganda to finish his term with an additional two years, the outlet reported.

Watch the video below


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