Nebraska woman busted for drunk driving told police she’s ‘a professional drinker’

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A Nebraska woman arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol told police not to worry because she “is a professional drinker,” an officer tweeted.

The driver who was arrested in Omaha Nebraska insisted “she had very little to drink” despite being accused of both DUI and speeding. read the tweet posted by an officer local ABC affiliate KETV has identified as Omaha Police Department Officer Jeremy Zipay.

However, a subsequent field test revealed that clearly wasn’t the case.

“What she thought was being efficient only showed more impairment,” per the tweet. An attached picture showed that she blew a 0.256 on the Breathalyzer — three times the legal alcohol limit. Nonetheless, the befuddled motorist wouldn’t back down, claiming she “wasn’t impaired because she’s a professional drinker.”

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It is not known if the booze-hound’s excuse worked as Omaha Police Dept are yet to comment. However, the driver’s improv skills have gone viral on social media, garnering responses such as, “and how does one get the title of ‘professional drinker’ ” and “is that a legal definition?”


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