VIDEO: Florida neighbor calls police after mistaking parrot for woman screaming for help

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Police rushed to a Florida house after neighbors reported hearing a woman screaming inside — only to be introduced to a green parrot named Rambo that had been taught to say “Help! Help!” and “Let me out!”

“Rambo, meet the boys in green,” the bird’s owner told four Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies who showed up at his door.

The video below obtained by ViralHog and posted to the deputies’ Facebook account, shows the owner, who is not identified, fixing the brakes on his wife’s Mini Cooper in Lake Worth Beach.

The parrot can be heard in the background screaming “Somebody help!”

“Your neighbor thinks there was screaming,” one of the arriving deputies tells the owner, who smiles.

“I’ll bring the screamer to ya,” he promises, opening the gate to his backyard and returning with his 40-year-old pet perched on his hand — still squawking.

“Oh my God,” one of the deputies responds.

The man then makes Rambo give the deputies a show, exhibiting some of the bird’s tricks.

He also introduced Rambo to the concerned neighbor who called in the screaming.

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“She too had a good laugh,” the man said, explaining that he taught the bird to make the distressing cries “when I was a kid.”

The sheriff’s office, which services Lake Worth Beach, were amused with the call and posted a link to the ViralHog video on their Facebook account.

“Our Deputies in Lake Worth Beach came to the help of someone screaming for help. Hilarity ensued,” the post said.

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