VIDEO: Nigerian female cadet tortured by senior Air Force officers

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Video shows the moment a female recruit/student at the Nigerian Defense Academy was tortured by senior Air Force officials.  Check out this forum for more viral videos

In the video, the lady was told to put her head on top of a wood while raising up her body in a 90 degrees angle after being rolled in mud.

She was flogged by senior male recruits before she was subjected through excruciating punishment.

The video, which had since gone viral, has been massively condemned by several Nigerian internet users who ask if it was really part of military training! They also ask why the female cadet was tortured by male officers instead of female officers.

Conversation between the senior male cadets and the woman:

Senior Cadet: Answer me , is this the Airforce of your dreams?

Woman: (while sobbing) Yes Sir

Senior Cadet: What is your name?

Woman : …H.T Ebenezer sir (while crying)

Woman: Sir please

Senior Cadet: What of your Fiancee? Do you have a fiancee?

Other senior male cadets can be heard telling the woman ‘ Don’t worry after this weeks of training you will appreciate it’. ‘I will flog you again o, Ebenezer’.

Watch the video below



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