VIDEO: South African Pastor slumps and dies during sermon

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Video emerged online showing the moment a Pastor slumped and died while preaching the gospel in a South African church.

According to multiple local media sources, the pastor died as a result of the fall and autopsy revealed that he had “high blood pressure and was diabetic”.

“Postmortem show he has high blood pressure and was diabetic. He didn’t even know,” Instagram user @NsemWoKrom who shared the video stated.

The pastor and his family

In the video, which has since gone viral on African internet space, the pastor can be seen sitting down after preaching, then slumped.

Watch the video below


We shared a video in June last year about a similar incident that happened when a renowned Imaam (khatib) collapsed and fainted while delivering sermon at the Al-Bukhary mosque in Masjid Bukhari, Kedah, Malaysia. He was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead. Watch the video through the link below.

VIDEO: Shocking as Imaam collapses, dies while delivering sermon at a mosque in Malaysia


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