VIDEO: Jaw-dropping videos show Miami strippers were actually the real winners of super Bowl

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Jaw-dropping videos shared online show pole dancers wading through ankle-deep piles of cash after Super Bowl LIV.

In one of the videos, the floor of an unnamed strip club appears blanketed by roughly a foot deep coating of dollar bills — as some patrons make a mad dash for the cash, according to footage below shared on Instagram by the user Coolvisiontv.

“There was too much money in there,” a strip-club goer can be heard saying while stuffing some of the dough in his pants.

Other photos show nearly nude exotic dancers tromping in heels next to a cash-covered stage.

Celebrities — including former Indianapolis Colts player Edgerrin James — were among those who made it rain extra hard at Magic City clubs, The Post reported, citing


Rapper Post Malone was filmed grinning as he handed out stacks of cash in one strip club, according to footage posted on Twitter by the user @Redd_Iversion3.

Hundreds of thousands of fans flocked to Miami to watch the Kansas City Chiefs face off against the San Francisco 49ers during the Super Bowl on Sunday February 2, 2020.

‘People think I’m racking in millions from porn. Completely untrue’ – Pornstar, Mia Khalifah.


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