VIDEO: Woman accepts boyfriend’s proposal, then throws away the ring and walks away

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The video below shows a funny but embarrassing moment a woman confused everyone by accepting her boyfriend’s public proposal, then turned him down shortly after.

In the video, which has since gone viral, the woman can be seen sitting down as the man goes on his knees to propose to her before onlookers.

The man brought out the ring and the woman stretched her hand for him to put it on her. But after doing so, she threw away the bouquet of roses she was holding, stood up, threw the ring away and walked away.

The man was left speechless and apparently embarrassed. It is unclear if the incident is real as some social media users believe it was staged. But the identity of the couple and the location, and the reason for the dramatization, are not yet known.

Watch the video below


VIDEO: Man proposed to his girlfriend in public but forgot engagement ring at home


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