Nigerians can’t stop laughing at their president after he called COVID-19, COVIK ONE-NINE during speech (Video)

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Nigerian social media users have continued to mock their President after he called Coronavirus (COVID-19), COVIK One-Nine during speech.

Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari and his Vice president Yemi Osinbajo

President Buhari addressed Nigerians March 22 about how his government is curbing coronavirus pandemic also known as COVID-19.

“We are working with the Federal Ministry of Health on protecting our citizens from #COVIK One-Nine”, Buhari said. “As a government, this is now a key priority for us”, he added.

“I therefore enjoin you to ensure that adequate medical provisions and other welfare requirements are afforded,” the president said before the clip abruptly ended.

The highlight of the short clip was when the President failed to pronounce covid-19 properly by calling it ‘COVIK 1-9’.

Watch the clip below


Meanwhile, Nigeria’s president is not alone in mispronouncing coronavirus. Prior to the president’s address, Nigerians mocked one of their senators who couldn’t pronounce coronavirus properly.

Watch the video below


See some reactions from Nigerians after their president mispronounced COVID-19:



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