State-by-state breakdown of coronavirus cases and deaths in the US

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Life in the US is currently in standstill as many businesses, schools, and churches shut down amid coronavirus pandemic. Same is the situation in many other countries.

As of Sunday afternoon March 15, more than 162,000 people across 120 countries and territories have been infected by the Coronavirus, resulting in over 6,000 deaths.

In the U.S., at least 49 states and the District of Columbia have reported confirmed cases of COVID-19, resulting to more than 3,000 cases and 62 deaths.

Below is the State-by-state breakdown of coronavirus cases in the United States and deaths:

-Washington: 696 cases, 42 deaths

-New York: 732 cases, 6 deaths

-California: 427 cases, 6 deaths

-Massachusetts: 164 cases

-Colorado: 131 cases, 1 death

-Idaho: 5 case

-Florida: 115 cases, 4 deaths (NOTE: not included in the total are out of state residents who are diagnosed & quarantined in FL)

-Georgia: 99 cases, 1 death

-Illinois: 93 cases

-Oregon: 36 cases, 1 death

-New Jersey: 98 cases, 2 death

-Alabama: 13 case

-Texas: 72 cases

-Pennsylvania: 66 cases

-Louisiana: 102 cases, 2 deaths

-Tennessee: 39 cases

-Virginia: 45 cases

-Iowa: 18 cases

-North Carolina: 33 cases

-Indiana: 20 cases

-Maryland: 32 cases

-Michigan: 45 cases

-South Carolina: 28 cases

-Kentucky: 20 cases

-Nevada: 24 cases

-Nebraska: 17 cases

-D.C.: 16 cases

-Minnesota: 35 cases

-Arizona: 13 cases

-South Dakota: 9 cases, 1 death

-Wisconsin: 32 cases

-Arkansas: 16 cases

-Connecticut: 24 cases

-New Hampshire: 13 cases

-New Mexico: 13 cases

-Ohio: 37 cases

-Rhode Island: 5 cases

-Utah: 28  cases

-Delaware: 4 case

-Kansas: 8 cases, 1 death

-Hawaii: 6 cases

-Missouri: 5 cases

-Oklahoma: 7 cases

-Vermont: 8 cases

-Alaska: 1 case

-Maine: 6 case

-Mississippi: 10 case

-Montana: 7 cases

-North Dakota: 1 case

-Wyoming: 3 case

The data above is correct as of March 15. There is an update.

In collaboration with the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering, updates the daily Coronavirus statistics worldwide through this link 

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