Tragedy as plane carrying coronavirus medical supplies, patient, nurse, and others, crashes, killing all (Video)

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A Tokyo-bound plane carrying coronavirus medical supplies crashed on Sunday while taking off from Ninoy Aquino International Airport in the Philippines capital city of Manila, killing all eight on board.

Plane carrying Coronavirus medical supplies crashes shortly after take off

All passengers on board Lion Air Flight RPC 5880 died after the plane caught fire as it was taking off from the airport, according to Manila’s International Airport Authority.

The crew, a nurse, and a coronavirus patient were among the dead.

An American and Canadian were on board the flight, according to the flight’s passenger manifest. The other six on board were Filipino, according to the manifest.

The passengers included medical personnel, according to Red Cross spokesman Richard Gordon.

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The plane was reportedly carrying medical supplies, the Philippines News Agency said, adding that the plane caught fire on the runway.

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