Wife calls police after husband locks her in bathroom over fear she might have coronavirus

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“For better for worse”……“in sickness and in health”???

A fearful Lithuanian man worried about catching the coronavirus threw “in sickness and in health” marital vow out the window by locking his wife in the bathroom for fear she might have the deadly illness, Mirror reported.

The bizarre incident took place after the man found out his wife had met a Chinese woman who had been to Italy – a country that has been worst-hit by coronavirus.

The germophobic man told police he forced his wife into quarantine in their Vilnius apartment bathroom after “consulting on the phone with doctors” on how to keep COVID-19 at bay.

Coronavirus fear grows

His wife managed to call police from the bathroom and begged for help.

As a precaution, she was tested for the virus and came back negative. The woman declined to press charges against her husband, according to the report.

Coronavirus outbreak cost the world’s 5 richest people $36 billion in one week

So far, Lithuania has only had one reported case of coronavirus, which was confirmed by the country’s health ministry on Friday.

In Italy, though, 79 deaths have been reported and more than 2,500 people have been infected, according to reports. Read more about Coronavirus through this link


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