Coronavirus: Kenyan landlord removes his tenant’s door and roof during rain over unpaid rent

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A lot of things are currently going on in Kenya. Barely  two days after coronavirus patients escaped from quarantine center in Kenya, news just emerged from Nairobi stating that a landlord has removed his tenants doors and roof over unpaid rent.

The family in Kiambiriria village in Laikipia are now left at the mercy of the rains.

Jane Wamucii, 39,  a mother of three told Nairobi News Thursday that her landlord decided to send her out of her one room apartment without even granting her an eviction notice.

According to the woman, her landlord visited unexpectedly Wednesday and removed the door to her room and some iron sheets over her inability to pay her rent.

Ms Jane Wamucii outside her residential house at Ichuga Estate in Nanyuki town on April 23, 2020. PHOTOS BY JAMES MURIMI

“I have lived in this house for close to two years now and I have never had any difference with my landlord. My children were at home when the owner came and removed the iron sheets and door. I came and found that it was true,” Ms Wamucii said.

“It is raining heavily and I fear that my children could contract diseases. Well, I have been trying to reach out to him but in vain. The landlord and other individuals stormed the house and took away my foodstuff and other household items. We have been sleeping on the floor and we can’t bear the cold.”

Ms. Wamucii, who has bar said she hasn’t been able to provide for her family following the country’s nationwide lockdown to combat the Coronavirus pandemic.


This comes after President Uhuru Kenyatta urged landlords in the country to reduce monthly rent for their tenants as many were struggling financially because of the global crisis.

“Those property owners who have reduced or agreed to work terms for the monthly rent in order to provide roofs over the heads of vulnerable brothers and sisters and in this regard, I wish to urge all others to emulate this great example and not put our people in even more vulnerable situations as we face this current pandemic,” Mr Kenyatta said.

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Few days ago, the Landlords and Tenants Association (LATAK) in Kenya reportedly directed all tenants to stop paying their rents until further notice due to the impact of Coronavirus pandemic.

The association’s Secretary-General Ben Liyai said: ‘‘LATAK directs all tenants not to pay rent until when President Uhuru Kenyatta orders businesses to resume normal operations,” said Liyai.

“All the landlords must forthwith stop evictions, harassment and disconnection of electricity and water to tenants,’’ he added.

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Kenya is a country in Africa. Although its economy enjoys the leading position in eastern and central Africa, 16.9% of its population lives below the poverty line. This severe poverty is mainly caused by an undiversified economy, government corruption, health problems, and a water crisis

Kenya’s capital, Nairobi is also home to one of the largest slums in the world, according to World Population Review. The slum of Kibera, housed approximately 250,000 of the 2.5 million slum dwellers in the city. Most people in Kibera live on less than $1 per day and HIV is rampant. There is a shortage of clean water and education, and in addition to these shortcomings, rape and assault cases are reportedly common.


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