Stunning photos show thousands of families in need line up in their cars to receive free food from SA Food bank

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The coronavirus outbreak has thrown about 17 million Americans out of work in just three weeks as the pandemic continues to sweep through the country, bringing the economy to a near standstill.

The San Antonio Food Bank Thursday distributed one million pounds of food to roughly 6,000 families in a single day as millions across the country turn to charity organizations to avoid going hungry amid lockdowns.

Pete Delgado, who was among the thousands of people waiting in line on Thursday,  told FOX San Antonio he and his wife are both disabled and that he arrived at Trader’s Village in the middle of the night to ensure that his family wouldn’t go hungry.

‘I’ve been hour here for an easy 12 hours,’ Delgado said.

‘And it’s important for me and my wife because we have nothing to eat at home. I brought crackers and peanut butter as a snack to get me through the night.

‘We didn’t have any bread or lunch meat or anything to make some kind of lunch, a picnic for me to stay overnight, so I’ve just been munching on peanut butter and jelly and crackers.’

The aerial photos obtained by Dailymail show thousands of cars lined up at Trader’s Village in San Antonio, Texas, during the massive food distribution event.

Families waited hours to get their hands on fresh fruit, vegetables and other non-perishable goods that have become hard to find in traditional stores as panic-buying leaves shelves empty.

The sight of long rows of cars waiting outside food banks has become more frequent since the pandemic has made its impact on the United States, with similar scenes seen in Florida and Pennsylvania in the last two weeks.

‘The need is that great,’ San Antonio Food Bank President and CEO Eric Cooper said of the huge turnout.

‘We are moving through food so fast, this is our second big distribution this week, but there are hundreds of distributions that are going on all the time.’

With the coronavirus pandemic that has forced governments to shut down the hospitality industry, which includes restaurants, hotels, airlines, cruise ships, school cafeterias, farmers who rely on these businesses to buy their crops have an excess of perishable food and nothing to do with it.

Food banks like Feeding South Florida and others have a glut of fresh produce to give away, According to the Miami Herald.

Many experts believe that the U.S is in recession according to the National Association for Business Economics survey.

45 economists say the U.S is now in recession




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