VIDEO: Ohio man arrested after bragging ‘we don’t give a f–k about coronavirus’ during party

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Ohio man who livestreamed a massive party while defiantly declaring “We don’t give a f–k about this coronavirus”, has been arrested for flouting social-distancing rules, police said.

“This is how we do it in my city, man,” Rashaan Davis, 25, brags in the 11-minute video, shot Friday night in Cincinnati and later posted to YouTube. “We don’t give a f–k about this coronavirus. This is how we celebrate our coronavirus.”

He was busted Saturday afternoon and charged with a misdemeanor for violating Gov. Mike DeWine’s “stay at home” order amid the pandemic, according to a police report authorities posted to Facebook.

“[Davis] narrates a video of himself and others openly defying the orders, causing even greater risk of contamination during this national health crisis,” a criminal complaint says. “At the time of his arrest, there were over 55 thousand views of his post.”

Cincinnati police recommended a high bond — or none at all — until Davis can appear before a judge because of his “complete disregard for public safety,” The Post reported



YouTube commenters blasted Davis and the other revelers.

“Are we gonna get a follow up in 10-14 days when those symptoms hit or nah?” one wrote.

“The rest of Ohio spoke, and we agreed we don’t claim these people,” another posted. “This is ignorant.”

Watch the video below


One of the World Health Organization’s top officials in charge of fighting the coronavirus pandemic has a stark warning for millennials and other young people about the threat of COVID-19 amid reports that some are shrugging off pleas from health officials to stay home.

“This is one of the most serious diseases you will face in your lifetime, and recognize that and respect it,” Dr. Bruce Aylward, senior adviser to the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), told TIME via telephone on Thursday from his office in Geneva.

While the risks of severe complications or death are much higher for older people and those with underlying health conditions, Aylward says COVID-19 is more dangerous for young people than many realize.

Woman tests positive for coronavirus days after bragging about ignoring social distancing


“One of the things that terrifies me now is, as this is spread in the west is, there’s this sense of invulnerability among millennials,” he says.

(The age range of the millennial generation varies, with some sources defining it as 1981 to 1996, though the U.S. Census has said it includes those born between 1982 and 2000.)

“We don’t understand why some young healthy people progress to severe disease and even die, and others don’t,” he says. “Never, never underestimate a new disease, there’s just too much unknown.”


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