VIDEO: South Africans mock their president after he struggled to wear face mask for coronavirus

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Coronavirus is surely an invisible enemy that everyone is struggling to learn where it came from and how to fight it.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa is inspiring meme-makers online after a video of him struggling to put on a face mask went viral on the internet.

While delivering a speech on live television on the importance of wearing face masks in times of Covid-19, President Ramaphosa was caught on camera struggling to wear the face mask.

Watch the video below

Similar incident happened four weeks ago when his Nigerian counterpart President Buhari called COVID-19, COVIK ONE-NINE during nation speech and Nigerians took to social media to mock him. Watch the video through the link below

Nigerians can’t stop laughing at their president after he called COVID-19, COVIK ONE-NINE during speech (Video)


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