VIDEO: Zambian police summons man after video of him slapping his son for missing English & Maths exams but getting an ‘A’ in music, surfaced online

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Social media users are reacting to a viral video of a Zambian man who disciplined his son for avoiding to sit for English and Maths exams but sat for Music exam and got a distinction.

Police in Lusaka summoned the man identified as Mr. George Bester to appear for investigations, according to multiple local media sources.

It is unclear when the video was captured. The father reportedly paid $21,000 as tuition in the American International School of Lusaka, Zambia.

In the video shown below, the father can be seen slapping and poking his son while complaining about the money he spends on school fees.

”I told you this is a scar on your entire life, do you know the reputation this gives you? You can’t read? You are a big boy you can’t read?’ The father can be heard saying in the video.

A woman who probably recorded the video can be heard begging the father to stop beating the boy, but the man turned to her and said ”How can you say I should stop beating him, you know what this means..”

The visibly furious dad turned again and slapped the boy and said ”You can’t read, don’t talk to me again’ That’s the result you bring to this house? Look at the result you brought? You idiot!

After the video went viral, Police in Zambia reportedly summoned the father to appear for ”Investigations” on April 20 2020 as shown in the notice below.


See the boy’s school result below

Social media users have since been reacting to the video, with some supporting the father while others say he should just support his child to go for his music career. Watch the video below and share your thoughts.

Watch the video


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