35 crazy and amazing things you see every day in Dubai (Photos & video)

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Before 1960 Dubai was just a desert. But the ruler of Dubai has changed its face.

Today, Dubai has become famous for its luxury and billionaire life, including some crazy things too! The Tallest Building, Million Dollar Luxury Vehicles, Bugatti Veyron Cops Cars, Seven-star Hotels and-and Exotic Animals Such as Lions, Tigers, and Cheetahs as Pets. All can be seen in Dubai!

Check out these 35 crazy and amazing things seen everyday in Dubai

1) People Texting and Driving

This seems to have become a pattern of daily life in Dubai. Every Day in Dubai, you see guys busy texting and at the same time driving with their pets.

2) Tigers Hanging Out of Car Windows

It is common to See Tigers Hanging Out of Car windows every day in Dubai.


3) Pets Taking People for a Walk

Dubai Is a Place Where You See People Taken for Walks by Their Pets.

4) Pets Getting Gigantic Snacks

Really? Yes, You See Pets Getting Huge and Expensive Snacks

5) Exotic Cars in a Traffic Jam

On Dubai Roads, You See Tens of Super Exotic Cars in Traffic Jams.

6) Surprising Solutions to Traffic Jams

Seriously? You See Brilliant Solutions to Traffic Jams in Dubai Every Day

7) Pets Chilling on Boats

Pets Chillaxing on Boats Is a Very Common Thing You See in Dubai

8) Parked Camels

Hilariously, You See Camels Parked Every Day in Dubai.

9) Dangerous Car Park Attendants.

Dangerous Animals Are Commonly Used as Car Park Attendants; I Believe You Don’t Wanna Mess With Them.

10) Bikes With Horse Shape

You See Guys Riding Horse Bikes Shaped Like a Horse.

11) Lamborghini Aventador, Police Cars in Dubai

Can You Imagine It? In Dubai, Lamborghini Is Used as Cop Cars.

12) Please, Don’t Mess With Them

Seriously, You Shouldn’t Mess With Cops in Dubai.

13) Cops, Seriously Busting Themselves

It’s Common in Dubai to See Cops Really Busting Themselves for Violating the Rules

14) Hogs on the Road

You See Wired Shaped Cars Every Day in Dubai

15) Real Double-wide Cars

Cars With Weird Size Are Common Things You See in Dubai, Every Day

16) Stand-up Paddle Boarders

Every Day in Dubai. You See People Paddling on Their Boards While Standing Upright.

17) Arabs Driving With Their Camels

You See People Driving and Still Walking Their Camels

18) Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World

You’ll See a Real Expensive Mobile Phones in Dubai Worth More Than Your House.

19) ATM Machines Spits Out Gold.

In Dubai, You See Atm Machines Spitting Out Golds

20) Grooms Wanted

Every Day in Dubai, You See Grooms Wanted Notice, in Newspapers

21) Free Food

Every Day in Dubai You Sees the Wealthy Ones, Providing Free Foods for the Poor

22) Modest Starbucks Outlets

There Are Modest Starbucks Outlets You See Every Day in Dubai

23) Attractive Fashions

Dubai Is a Home of Fashion, So Every Day You See Attractive Fashion Items That Are Must-buy

24) Really Strict Rules

Every Day in Dubai, You See Notice of Really Strict Rules.

25) Diverse Culture

Dubai Is a Home for All, You See Different People From Different Cultural Backgrounds and Appearances.

26) Unorthodox Marriage Counseling Service

In Dubai, You See a Marriage Counselling Service That Is Different From How Is Normally Done.

27) Very High-rise Tennis Courts

There Are Very High-rise Tennis Courts You See Every Day in Dubai

28) Just Stunning Views, Generally

In Dubai, You See Amazing and Stunning Views Every Day.

29) Seriously Amazing View

Dubai Provides a Real Breathtaking View

30) Really Beautiful

31) Party Like A Millionaire

Rent a 5-star mega yacht and sail around the coast of Dubai. The view of the city from the sea is stunning

32) Extreme Swimming

Rent a boat and go scuba diving off of the UAE’s coast where you can swim with wild dolphins, turtles and reef sharks.

33) Lavish Luxury Vacation

Underwater room at Atlantis

Relax aboard Emirates Airlines as a first class passenger, complete with showers, lounge and private bed. Then stay at Atlantis The Palm, one of the most expensive hotels at the world and bask in luxury. Or book a visit at the Burj Al Arab and enjoy 7 star service. At the Burj Al Arab every floor has a butler and all guests are given complimentary gold plated ipads to use during their stay.

34) Extreme Fun

Rent a plane, grab your friends and enjoy views of the man made Palm Jumeirah island while freefalling through the sky. If VIP services aren’t your cup of tea, Skydive Dubai also offers individual tandems and private gyrocopter rides

35) Driving on Water

This looks like a scene straight out of a James Bond movie, but this is actually a real life moment captured in Dubai. Some people in the city are so rich that they are bored of yachts. The expensive water car pictured here is reportedly owned by one of the Crown Princes of Dubai, Sheik Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al-Maktoum.

Check out the video below



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