I infected four people with coronavirus – Nigerian Governor El-Rufai said

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Nigerian Governor Nasir El-Rufai on Saturday revealed that he infected four people in his state with coronavirus.

El-Rufai who serves as the governor of Kaduna state Nigeria announced March 27 that he had tested positive for the novel virus. He was the index COVID-19 case in the state but recovered on April 22.

Speaking on the 24th edition of The Platform, an annual event of the Covenant Christian Centre in Lagos, Governor El-Rufai said his state took steps to get personal protective equipment for health workers.

“Each and every case of COVID-19 we’ve had in the state was imported. I was the index case, fortunately, I would say, because it served to scare everyone in the state to come to the reality that COVID-19 is real; it’s not a joke.

I got it in Abuja and I infected four other people. Happily, all of us are okay now. We are all back to our normal lives. We didn’t want to expose any of our frontline workers to any risk, so we have a lot of PPEs for all our health workers.” he said.

Nigeria’s Chief of staff Abba Kyari died of the coronavirus last month.

Abba Kyari, who acted as gatekeeper to the president of Africa’s most populous nation, is currently the highest-profile COVID-19 death in the West African country.

Chief of staff to Nigerian president, Abba Kyari, dies from coronavirus after returning from Germany


Governor El-Rufai said that his state has tested about 400 people and now has three testing centers.

He said, “As I announced some days back, we received 169 almajiris from Kano and so far 21 of them have tested positive. We expect more to test positive; the spike in our numbers have largely been the almajiris and other people that have come in.

“We have been successful in closing down our state, in reducing the traffic into our state, every case in the state has been imported, the Governor said.

Who are the Almajiris?

The Hausa word Almajiri is derived from the Arabic word, “المُهَاجِرْ” “al-Muhajirun,” “an emigrant” – a person who migrated his home in search of Islamic knowledge. This is the basis of the Almajiri system in what became Northern Nigeria.

Colloquially, the term has expanded to refer to any young person who begs on the streets and does not attend secular school.

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