VIDEO: China releases animated propaganda video mocking the US response to coronavirus outbreak

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A Chinese state media outlet has released an animated video using Lego pieces to mock the United States’ coronavirus response and the Trump Administration’s claims of an initial Chinese COVID-19 coverup.

Entitled Once Upon a Virus, the short animation — released by China’s official Xinhua news agency — takes the form of a back-and-forth between China and the US with China being represented by a Lego terracotta warrior and a team of hazmat wearing characters, and the US by the Statue of Liberty.

The dialogue begins with the Chinese warrior who stated they had discovered a dangerous new virus, to which the Statue of Liberty replied:

“It’s only a flu … Don’t wear a mask”, adding that China’s “stay at home” measures were a violation of human rights.

The video purports that the US did not heed warnings from the Chinese Government but later accused China of “giving false data”.

Watch the video below


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