VIDEO: Nigerian man publicly flogged

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The video below emerged online showing a man being thoroughly whipped. The incident reportedly happened in Northern Nigeria.

We are not certain about what happened and when the video was captured, but it has been trending among Nigerian social media users since yesterday.

According to one of the platforms it was posted, “the emir of Azare, Bauchi state in Nigeria, directed his Dogaris (palace guards) to mete out instant punishment to any Imam who holds mosque prayers with more than ten people and does not maintain any social distancing.

One Imam thought he was above the law and held prayers in a jam-packed mosque, but someone reported him to the Dogaris and he was caught and flogged”, according to sources.

We cannot verify the above statement. But whatever happened, the video below shows a man being flogged in public.

Watch the video below


The video has generated a lot of comments on Facebook. Read here

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