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British woman who spent $123k life savings on Sri Lankan toyboy launches bid to get her money back after the boy’s murder

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A British woman who spent £100,000 ($123,000) on the household of her toyboy Sri Lankan husband, who was later shot useless after a bigamous marriage to an area woman, needs her money back.

61-year-old Diane Peebles from Edinburgh, Scotland, was fortunate to escape Sri Lanka alive after armed males turned up on the lookout for her at the lodge she was staying in simply earlier than flying back to Scotland. We published the story in November 2018.

Peebles, who was left penniless, stated she spent her total life savings on Priyanjana De Zoysa, who was 33 years her junior after assembly him on vacation when she was 53 and he was simply 20.


According to the Daily Record, Diane whose marriage to Priyanja was her first, is now making an attempt to get her property returned to her with the assist of a Scottish lawyer after spending her life savings to purchase a home for him in Sri Lanka then discovering he was additionally married to an 18-year-old native woman.



At the time she was instructed it was troublesome for a foreigner to personal a home in Sri Lanka, so she naively put the property in her husband’s identify after promoting her £105,000 UK flat.

Diane Peebles stated she used the money to construct Priyanjana a three-bedroom residence in Sri Lanka and in addition spent £31,000 on a Toyota Hiace for Priyanjana to use as a taxi.

She additionally purchased furnishings and items for his household and paid for many of their meals and gas whereas she lived subsequent door to them in a love rip-off that she has now gotten over.

She stated: “My two brothers-in-law and their wives and youngsters live in my residence now rent-free. They don’t deserve to reside there.

“That house was built on the work I put into my career over many years and I have nothing to show for it. That can’t be right.”

Diane added: “I do know it’s difficult however financial institution information will present my money paid for the home and lots of different issues.

“I went from being comfortable to having nothing, so even if I could claim back half of what I spent on his family, it would make a massive difference to my retirement.”

She was on vacation in Sri Lanka round eight years in the past when younger lodge employee and tuk tuk driver Priyanjana caught her eye.

“I thought he was a very nice young man and he was very polite,” says Diane.

“He requested me for my cellular quantity after which he requested me for my tackle and I did not assume something of it’

“When I got back home he tried to call me, but his English wasn’t that good,” she says.

“He wrote me a few letters and from January 2012 we were texting each other and then had a conversation on the phone and he mentioned marriage, and I was a bit taken aback.”

Just a few months later, Diane returned to Sri Lanka to see her toyboy.

He was delighted to see her and saved saying “tomorrow engagement”, with Diane considering they wanted to register their intent to marry at the registrar’s workplace as a result of she was from the UK, not understanding she was going to participate in her personal marriage ceremony ceremony at the workplace.



“She started reciting, ‘Do you take…,'” Diane recollects.

“I was kind of shocked at first, but he was urging me to go ahead and just say it.”


The pair had been married, with Diane insisting her new husband was “attentive, romantic and loving” to start with.

After promoting her home for £105,000 she took an early retirement from her buyer companies assistant job with Edinburgh City Council so they might begin constructing a house collectively.

But when Diane ultimately joined him in Sri Lanka every part fell aside.

After marriage ceremony him in Sri Lanka in 2012, she purchased a fridge-freezer for his household and a water air purifier, and it quickly grew to become the norm for her to fund his household until she grew to become broke and began relying solely on her £363-a-month pension.

After some time her husband stopped loving her.

“He spent more time at his mum’s than he did with me,” she stated. “Or he’d exit together with his buddies at evening and never come residence.

“It just wasn’t working out. We spent a lot of time arguing about money. I realised it was a sham.”

In 2016, she discovered a Valentine’s Day card to him which stated “to my husband”, which he claimed was a prank from a good friend.

She later found he had married an area woman, who she beforehand met when she popped over for a cup of tea, in the time he had been married to her.

In 2017, Priyanjana was shot useless by thugs Diane believes had been making an attempt to extort him for money after they grew to become jealous of the money she gave him.

Diane instructed This Morning: “All my family and friends instructed me not to go over.

“But I thought he loved me, and I loved him. You do silly things when you’re in love.”

“I feel sad I gave up my life,” she stated.

She has now warned different girls about the risks of entering into the same scenario, including: “Don’t get concerned with the locals, as a result of they’re all very poor.

“A lot of them are looking to marry European women, because they think we’re all very rich. I wasn’t very rich – but in their eyes, I was rich.”

Diane who was left broke, was so fortunate to escape Sri Lanka and located herself back to Scotland November 2018. Read our earlier story in 2018 about her through this link

‘I thought he loved me, I feel stupid now’ – British lady, 60, who spent $115k life savings on 26-year old Sri Lankan toyboy

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