VIDEO: ASDA store employee faints in front of Prince Charles during visit to thank employees

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Britain’s Prince Charles had a hard time during his visit to an Asda distribution center on Thursday when an employee fainted in front of him.

The incident happened when the Prince and the Duchess of Cornwall were being given a tour of the facility in Bristol to thank staff who have worked throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Charles and Camilla met some of the 700 workers at the center, as well as delivery drivers and those based at nearby stores. Many had returned from retirement, worked extra hours and different shift patterns, and had postponed holidays to cope with increased demand at supermarkets. But one man – who has not been named – suddenly fell ill as he began exchanging pleasantries with the Prince of Wales outside the center.

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall visit an Asda distribution centre to thank employees for their work during the coronavirus pandemic

The Video shows the man swaying from side to side before falling backwards to the ground as his colleagues rushed in to help and put him in the recovery position.

Charles, 71, stood and waited to check the man was OK before moving on to speak to another Asda worker about their frontline efforts during the crisis.

The man was later helped to his feet and seen walking away to receive medical help before he made his return to greet the Prince once again just minutes later.

Watch the video below


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